Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 ISO Multilanguage
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Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 ISO Multilanguage

20 декабрь 2008
Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 ISO Multilanguage

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 - Программное средство удаленного управления.

Благодаря Функциям шифрования и идентификации Symantec pcAnywhere гарантирует безопасный доступ к удаленным компьютерам. С помощью нового мастера оптимизации в версии Symantec pcAnywhere можно повысить быстродействие удаленного управления. Средство pcAnywhere поддерживает работу с кабельными и DSL-модемами, обеспечивающими более скоростное удаленное подключение. Symantec pcAnywhere позволяет подключаться к персональным компьютерам и серверам для передачи файлов и запуска приложений. Оптимизированный код программы Symantec pcAnywhere обеспечивает высокую производительность при любой скорости передачи данных и различных способах подключения.

Новые возможности Symantec pcAnywhere :

-совместимость с платформой Windows XP;
-усовершенствованное ведение журнала;
-средство хост-оценки ;
-состояние подключения;
-настраиваемый вид контейнеров;
-хост-компьютер без перезагрузки;
-учетные записи в Windows NT для глобальных пользователей.


Symantec pcAnywhere® is the world's leading remote control solution. It lets you manage computers and resolve helpdesk issues quickly, and connect to remote devices simply and securely. Now pcAnywhere adds support for Mac OS® X. And new gateway functionality enables remote users to quickly find the hosts they need through firewalls and routers with minimal setup.

Symantec pcAnywhere® combines a feature-rich, secure remote control solution with remote management and advanced file transfer capabilities to quickly resolve help desk and server support issues across multiple platforms. Symantec says that the new gateway and host invitation features address common connectivity challenges encountered by organizations and small businesses supporting multiple, remote devices.

Symantec's pcAnywhere® 12 introduces the new pcAnywhere CrossPlatform component, which expands host and remote platform support across Windows, Linux®, and Mac OS® X environments. The pcAnywhere CrossPlatform remote offers a multi-pane view for simultaneous display of multiple concurrent remote control and/or file transfer sessions, and enables host-to-host file transfer. Support for the pcAnywhere host in Windows XPe and WEPOS embedded environments enables remote access for business services environments requiring kiosks, point-of-sale or other specialized devices.

New remote management tools for pcAnywhere Mobile provide access to Command Prompt, Task Manager and System State tools without initiating a remote control session. This greatly reduces steps, bandwidth, and time required for remote troubleshooting and issue resolution from Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.

For expanded ease of use, pcAnywhere 12 also provides a new basic view user interface option which offers intuitive, simplified, task-based graphic options. The single session manager feature gives users the option to combine all active sessions into a single window with tabs for each session.

Symantec's new pcAnywhere Access Server enables SMBs, VARs and other service providers a way to support their internal and external clients by discovering and connecting to multiple pcAnywhere hosts through a centralized, secure host access point from anywhere, regardless of location or network configuration. With the pcAnywhere Access Server, pcAnywhere hosts establish a reverse connection to pcAnywhere Access Server from behind firewalls and NAT devices.

Key Features:
• Simplified GUI and improved connection options.
• Provides unparalleled functionality: secure remote control, file transfer, command queue, remote management, quick deploy and connect.
• Provides efficient, flexible and secure methods for remote management to facilitate troubleshooting and quick remediation, overcome user errors and decrease problem resolution time.
• Provides the ability to manage local and remote devices allowing you to have greater control and reach throughout your IT infrastructure.

Key Benefits:
• Easy to use with streamlined connectivity and greater remote platform support.
• Easily connect to a desktop or server – anytime, from anywhere, even when using routers and firewalls.
• Reduce security breaches by using certified secure remote control and multiple layers of security.
• Extensive Remote Management capabilities can resolve many common problems without the need for a full remote control session.

New Features:

Supports the Latest OS Platforms
pcAnywhere continues to provide support for the latest in an array of operating systems. You can connect to and manage computers running Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Universal, or Microsoft Pocket PC. The latest versions of Windows include Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Mac OS X 10.5.
One solution provides support for a more heterogeneous environment including POS & customized devices using windows OS.

Quick Connect Applet
Provides one click access to frequently used features such as connecting to a host. Additionally, has other very useful features:
* Very intuitive and intelligent access to frequently used functionality.
* Preserve authentication so connecting to the same resource again is just one click.
* Automatically deploy host . If the machine that technician is trying to connect to does not have pcA host installed, then the app will automatically deploy a pre-configured host and establish connection.
* If pcA services on the host have stopped for some reason, the app automatically starts the services and then establishes connection.

Native Whiteboard Support
Two-way communication between technician and end-user using standard drawing tools allow either user to highlight items on the screen.

Logging, Reporting, and Notification
FQDN of computers in session, IP addresses, logged in user names, keyboard/mouse status changes. Additionally chat conversations are also logged. Logging to NS database allows detailed reports and helps meet Compliance requirements.

Smartcard Authentication
Supports all PC/SC compliant smart cards (standard on newer versions of Windows).

Multi-Monitor Selection
When the host has multiple monitors configured, a user on remote side can choose to view any one or all monitors at a particular time during the session. In addition, up to eight monitors on host side are supported.

Thumbnail View of Active Sessions
When multiple sessions are open, a dedicated tab displays thumbnails of all active sessions. User can directly jump to a session by clicking on the thumbnail.

Primary and Secondary Authentication
Earlier versions of pcA supported only one type of authentication to be active at any time. 12.5 additionally allows LocalAdministrator group to be added to other authentication types. Therefore, if a host is configured with a pcAnywhere user, then enabling secondary authentication will also permit authentication of all users belonging to the Local Admin group.

Host Invitation Improvement
pcAnywhere simplifies the process for users to request help from an administrator by using a host invitation. When a user needs help, they can choose to send a host invitation. The host invitation will automatically populate their SMTP mail client.

Customizable Toolbar
Administrators can simplify the remote control session interface by customizing it to display on the options used most often.

Supported Platforms: Windows® including Vista, Linux® and Mac OS® X Universal

Размер: 330.19 Mb
Добавлено 3% на восстановление

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